InGround Stainless Steel Tube | TsOS (Uni-Tube Single Armor Single Jacket Cable)

Applied in harsh environments with potential mechanical impact: in all ground types, swamps and harsh rivers.


Optical fiber


Stainless steel tube filled with water-blocking gel


Armor of steel wires



Up to 48 fibers in a tube

Resistance to extreme crushing load – from 1.4 kN/сm

100% waterproof

Allowable tensile strength up to 40 kN

Allowable tensile strength 7 kN
Crush — from 1 kN/cm
Fiber count up to 36 up to 48
Cable diameter, mm 9.6 9.9
Cable weight, kg/km 169.7 182.2
Min bending radius, mm 144.0 148.5
Allowable tensile strength 10 kN
Crush — from 1 kN/cm
Fiber count up to 32 up to 48
Cable diameter, mm 10.4 10.7
Cable weight, kg/km 221.0 225.7
Min bending radius, mm 156.0 160.5
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Operation temperature -60°С…+70°С
Installation temperature -30°С…+50°С
Transportation and storage temperature -60°С…+70°С
Minimum bending radius 15x cable diameter
Life time 25 years
Warranty as specified in the supply agreement, min 2 years