Optical Phase Conductor

Application: installation on power lines

Optical fiber


Stainless steel tube


Aluminum-clag steel wire


Aluminum alloy wire

Up to 288 fibers

ACS wires are highly corrosion-resistant

Effective solution to provide redundancy in harsh conditions, such as long cable spans, crossings of cable spans, power lines with previously installed OPGW and ADSS and others

Fiber count, up to 288
Rated breaking strength (RBS), kN 15...200
Cable diameter, mm 10...34
Cable weight, kg/km 200...2000
Cross-sectional area, mm² 50...500
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Operating temperature -50°C ... +85°C
Installation temperature -30°C ... +50°C
Transportation and storage temperature -50°C ... +85°C
Minimum bending radius 20 x cable diameter
Design life 50 years