Incab.PRO is a team of top-notch Incab engineers with extensive experience of fiber optic communication lines engineering, based on customers’ needs for state-of-the-art and efficient solutions.

  • Due to our engineering approach, we can affect the potential line breakdowns and significantly increase its operational reliability.
  • Selection of fiber optic cable design with the optimum technical features based on project specific technical requirements.
  • Development of technical solutions.
  • Selection of all components and related accessories
  • Assistance in calculations for the project

- calculation of the electric field of overhead lines (intersections of two overhead lines)

- determination of the optimal point of suspension of ADSS

- calculation of strain and sag tensions of ADSS / OPGW

- calculation of additional load on tower from ADSS

- calculation of thermal effect of short-circuit currents on OPGW

  • Assistance in expertise-related issues with controlling authority or the Customer
  • Project analysis, evaluation of technical decisions of your project, and generation of optimization proposals