Incab Video Tour


Dear colleagues and partners!

Incab Plant is celebrating its first decade of operation.
Our results are impressive.

We are a leading manufacturer in Russia and the CIS by the volume of processed optical fiber and the volume of produced cable.

We supply cable to major Russian telecommunications operators and optical network constructors.

Our product range now consists of 93 cable types, including new products for the power transmission lines, fire-resistant cables, sensor cables, cables for the military industry.

Our dealership network covers the whole territory of Russia and the CIS.

We have established partnerships with world-leading manufacturers of materials and equipment for optical cable production., an educational project implemented together with our partner, SSD company, is providing assistance to the designers and builders of communication networks.

However, we are not intoxicated by our success. We know that the road to future achievements goes through hard work! I’d like to invite you to a factory digital tour. Or come and see our production with your own eyes! That is even better :)

Yours for continued success,
Alexander Smilgevich, CEO