18 December 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

New Year and Christmas are always times that we anticipate with pleasure. We enjoy the feeling that our cherished dreams may come true. Christmas is the time when we leave all adversities behind and only keep the kind and the good to the future. It is the time to look back over the past year and to reflect. 2020 was a great challenge, it has taught us a lot of wise things. We hope 2021...

23 November 2020

Incab took part in the CRU World Optical Fiber & Cable Conference

One of the main international events in the industry — the CRU World Optical Fiber & Cable Conference — was held on October 26-28, 2020. CRU, a global consulting company that provides business analytics for various global markets, including the optical fiber and cable market, traditionally hosted the event. This year the conference was held online on a specially developed virtual platform but n...

14 October 2020

It’s the right time to meet new challenges!

Incab is 13! It’s getting older, stronger and prepared to new challenges! Alexander Smilgevich: “It seems we have raced these past 13 years. We were simply running forward not always looking back or around and not al...

16 November 2020

Plumettaz S.A. at Incab

28 October 2020

Embrace video. Premiere

1 September 2020

Steel Character — 2020

All adrenaline junkies of Incab spent last summer weekend at Mount Ivan (Perm Krai) where they participated in a traditional obstacle course racing called «Steel Character». Everybody’s used to wearing masks and gloves during this weird summer though 25C in the end of August was a great surprise. So high dives into cold water were enjoyable! All other stuff like mud, barbed wi...

26 August 2020

New Blowing test track has been launched at Incab!

1 July 2020

Emtelle and Incab Unite to Launch New Optical Cable Manufacturer

7 May 2020

The world’s highest 5G

Dear friends, We would like to share challenging news of telecom world with you :) On April 30, the construction of three 5G stations was completed on Everest. High-speed Internet access was provided in Mount Everest Base Camp at the altitude of 5,300 meters, the Transition Camp at 5,800 meters, and the Forward Camp at 6,500 meters. This is a joint project of China mo...

20 April 2020

Incab is ISO compliant

8 April 2020

Incab has manufactured the 500 000th kilometer of optical cable!

Friends! Incab has produced, tested and wound 500,000 kilometers of cable! The cable that is later on suspended, laid in ducts, blown, pulled, buried, laid on the seabed or lowered in an oil well. The cable that provides Internet access in homes and offices, factories, villages and cities. The cable that transmits signals from devices monitoring the objects state. The...

3 April 2020

Global Internet usage has increased dramatically

2 March 2020

Incab cables meet the requirements of RoHS and REACH

4 February 2020

Representatives from Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Defense visited Incab

23 January 2020

Incab at EGYPS 2020

Egyps Petroleum Show is the main industry event across Egypt, North Africa and the Mediterranean. Conference and exhibition will provide the largest and most important platform for industry professionals to gain insights into the upcoming oil and gas opportunities in North Africa and the Mediterranean, from future project requirements to short and long term strategic plans and prioriti...

26 December 2019

Merry Christmas and a Rock-n-Reel Year!

21 November 2019

ADIPEC 2019: Results