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19 June 2024

Fun, Color of Life and Rock’n’Roll!

As one of Incab Rules of Life goes – we enjoy colors of life and have fun from everything we do! This rule has eventually turned into a good tradition of celebrating Color Fridays!

For the past three months, Incab has been setting a vibrant trend known as Color Fridays! Every last Friday of the month, our office comes alive with one of the colors from the optical fiber color-coding palette. This fun initiative sets the tone for our employee dress code and brings a splash of creativity and unity to our work environment.

So far, we’ve enjoyed:

🤍 White Friday – March
💚 Green Friday – April
🧡 Orange Friday – May

We color fiber using standard codings like ANSI, as well as cater to special customer requests.
Go to our website page to learn more on color coding of our fibers and cables.

Stay tuned for the upcoming colors that will grace our Color Fridays in the following months. Let’s continue to add a pop of color and fun to our workplace as we celebrate diversity, creativity, and teamwork!