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1 July 2021

Emcab is celebrating its first milestone!

On the 1st of July Emcab celebrated its first birthday and it was a long-awaited opportunity to bring the global team together!

The online get-together turned out very interactive with more than 70 people of the Incab, Emcab and Emtelle teams and included live broadcasts from 4 productions sites, highlights of the first year of operation and speeches of the CEOs of the two founding partners: Incab and Emtelle.

Just like parents amused at how fast their children grow, we realised that it’s been a year since we teamed up with Emtelle to create a brand-new business. We are proud that within a year Emcab has managed to achieve so much and we are striving for more as we believe that there is always room for growth.

You could FEEL the unity of all the participants, which left a TOUCH of sincere emotions in everyone’s heart and we hope that every single person had a chance to EMBRACE the friendly atmosphere which was in the air. On behalf of the Incab team we would like to wish all the best to Emcab and we are sure that your success will grow together with your team and experience.

Emcab Birthday