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21 June 2021

Incab is set to build an intelligent enterprise with SAP Cloud Platform

Having planned the launch for the beginning of the next year, Incab is starting to transfer all the business processes to SAP cloud technologies. Being the leading manufacturer of fiber optic and specialty cables in Russia and CIS, always looking for new ways of improvement, we find it vitally important that ERP and production systems are automated.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud (RISE Private cloud edition) and SAP Digital Manufacturing have been chosen as a cloud platform and a package solution, respectively. They will consolidate all the processes within Incab into a single ERP and production execution system. In addition, they will facilitate the company’s growth, material flow control and decision making. There are also plans to use them to tune production equipment, fast calculation, and production cost analysis integration.

The new ERP system will lay the foundation for accomplishing the strategic plan to expand both Incab’s presence in the market and its product range. As all the business processes will be integrated into a single platform, the company will get the opportunity to assess their results and track the accuracy of their execution. Moreover, the implementation of a single platform will foster further development of all the information systems within the company and create a digital twin of production for independent control of the equipment in real time.

“Digital technologies and information are now imperative on global scale, and only those who realize their paramount importance will be able to win in a tough competition and have an unrivalled opportunity for continuous development. Not only will Incab transform their internal and business processes having chosen our solution RISE WITH SAP, but they will also create a real intelligent Russian enterprise, which will be able to compete with foreign manufacturers and influence the local market”. – Andrey Filatov, CEO of SAP CIS.

“We are making our first steps on our crucial path to a massive digital transformation, and we have chosen SAP as our partner and solutions provider. Doing so we follow our rules of life – if you want to make the best product, use the best resources. Nowadays you cannot do business without a platform that can function as the core of all processes. These factors made us take this path together with the market leader, who provided us with the solution, meeting all our requirements. We expect the new platform to be our right hand in controlling a group of companies, using the best international practices, and creating intelligent systems in business and production” – Alexander Smilgevich, CEO of Incab.


SAP — World leader of corporate applications. More than 440 000 clients in 180 countries use SAP solutions and services. SAP SE opened their Moscow office in 1992. There are currently 1300 SAP employees, throughout all the CIS countries. SAP Labs research and development center was opened in Moscow in 2012 with a subsidiary in Saint Petersburg. SAP is the only international developer with a Russian data center, which they constantly expand.

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