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14 October 2021

Incab turns 14!

The plant is turning 14. In terms of human age, it has entered its teenage years, the time for a growth spurt, readiness to overcome crises and a bold look into the future.

Flyura Nurullina, Chief Accountant:

“I want to congratulate you on Incab’s birthday! I remember how it was taking first baby steps, then started to walk fast, and now it seems to be running. It is running to lead in the global market, to launch and develop new products… I feel that, in a few years from now, we will be able to say we can fly. And that is great!”

Aleksey Vyrkov, Chief Operating Officer:

“Incab is now 14. He is a young boy. A young boy with a great future ahead of him. A young boy without fear and reproach, willing to run forward and indeed set out to fly soon!”

Alexander Smilgevich, CEO:

“Happy birthday, Incab! 14 is just the beginning, we are aimed at one hundred years at the least! And that is merely for the interim results.”

Incab's Birthday