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19 October 2022

It’s time to work and create!

Incab is 15 years old!

We are still inspired by the great sense that we have chosen: to create state-of-the-art communication lines with our own efforts, ensuring the future for us and for next generations! Fiber optics connects the world, connects people, transmits light, and so be it!

Dear Incabians, thank you for your work and the light of your souls!

Dear dealers, representatives, production partners, suppliers, thank you for your unity, excellent teamwork and trust!

Our dear customers, eventually, the most important thing is to get your work done! Thank you for the high standards you set for us!

Together, we make Incab what it is.

We believe that light wins, spirit wins, love wins.

Keep up the good work and come see us!

Happy Birthday!  Incab 15 years old!