Incab is a platform for growth!
Development and self-realization of our employees is our main goal.
Ksenia Zlobina
Head of HR and communications
Working conditions
New jobs
83 new jobs in 2020, 20% more than in 2019.
Interaction with management
The main principle is accessibility and openness of the management team. The plant has several channels of communication between employees and management.
Internship and youth employment program.
Corporate portal
There is an internal corporate portal for employees, where news about the life of the plant, announcements of corporate events, and thematic sections are published.
Remote work
For 30% of employees the possibility to work remotely has been realized.
Employee engagement and satisfaction surveys
It is important for us to understand that people realize their potential and feel comfortable working at Incab. Therefore, 3-4 times a year we conduct surveys to find out the state of employees and their opinion about the plant. All the information obtained from the survey is passed on to the CEO and responsible managers. Based on the results, a work plan is developed to correct problem areas, if required.
Encouragement of active lifestyle of employees
Participation of corporate teams in sporting events: ZaBeg Run, Steel Character
Support of educational projects for schoolchildren and young people
Conducting an online tour for the "Reconnaissance by Combat Kids" project