Participation in major projects for Fiber Optic Communication Lines (FOCL) modernization

Incab participates in the national project to eliminate digital inequality "Digital Economy".

The goal of the project is to provide small communities (up to 500 people) with high-quality communication lines and uninterrupted Internet access. 54,200 kilometers of optical cable were produced specifically for the Digital Economy project;

Incab produced and supplied more than 1 700 km of OPGW (optical ground wire) for the projects of Federal Grid Company of the Unified Energy System and Rosseti to modernize FOCL on power transmission lines.

Building long-term and effective relationships with clients and partners
The result of our work directly affects our clients' business. We recognize this responsibility and choose to act in their interests.
Maxim Bragin
Head of Telecom Cables Sales
Максим Брагин
The quantity of our experience translates into the quality of our service.
Valeriy Babarykin
Head of Technical Competence Department
Implementing a
sustainable marketing strategy.
Promoting products that improve environmental and economic sustainability and quality of life
Reducing the production of
printed materials
Cooperation with local producers of printing and souvenir products in all regions where the business operates
Use of environmentally friendly packaging
Marketing communications with love for customers and partners. Cable samples, websites, catalogs, business cards - we fill any point of contact with meaning, make it warm and human, broadcasting the atmosphere of Incab and the attitude of our employees to the business.
Ksenia Smilgevich
Head of love division
Creation of Russia's largest center for additional professional education and a center of technical competence in optical technologies - VOLS.Expert

The project was created together with our partner SvyazStroyDetal, a manufacturer of closures and accessories

The main product of VOLS.Expert is the knowledge accumulated by the technical experts of the founding companies

The ultimate goal of the project is to increase the level of knowledge and practical skills of specialists in the telecommunications industry of the Russian Federation

Евгений Мокин
The aim of the project is to improve the knowledge and practical skills of specialists in the telecommunications industry.
Evgeniy Mokin
General Director of CTC "VOLS.Expert"