Installation Guides

Installation instructions for optical cables manufactured by Incab
General cable installation requirements:
  • Use cable for its intended purpose only. For the right cable selection and technical advice, please contact us by e-mail:
  • Before installation it is necessary to conduct an incoming inspection, visually check the cable for defects, the number of optical fibers, marking, etc., according to the “Incoming inspection”.
  • The installation method depends on the cable type and is described in the instructions from the cable manufacturer.
  • Cable installation should be carried out using splice closures, clamps and other accessories recommended by the cable manufacturer. Recommendations can be obtained by e-mail:
  • Cable cutting and installation of splice closures should be carried out by trained and certified personnel in accordance with the instructions of the cable manufacturer and with the use of precision tools. Before welding fibers, a special optical fiber cleaver must be used.
  • When mounting an optical cable in order to prevent various cable damage and to avoid increasing attenuation in optical fibers, it is important to exclude the following:
    • exceeding of maximum rated design load (indicated in the cable specification),
    • an abrupt change in tensile load,
    • possibility of kinks with a diameter less than permissible (indicated in the cable specification),
    • axial torsion over ± 360° over a length of 4 m,
    • crushing load is higher than permissible (indicated in the cable specification),
    • installation without preliminary heating of trunk cables at temperatures below -30°C (FTTH and fire rated cables at temperatures below -10°C).

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